Jake Brukhman

Managing Director & CEO, Coinfund

Jake is Managing Director & CEO at CoinFund, a blockchain-focused cryptofund founded nearly three years ago as one of the world’s very first diversified portfolios of cryptoassets, regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens as a radically new asset class.  CoinFund invests and works with companies of all stages in accelerating cryptoeconomic business models. In 2018, CoinFund announced a strategic partnership with Venrock to help evaluate, invest, and accelerate companies in the blockchain space. Jake has worked as an advisor to companies like Kik Interactive and YouNow, the first major VC-backed technology companies to take on blockchain-based business models, as well as decentralization-focused projects like Decentraland, Aragon, and Cent. Previously, Jake was Partner & CTO at Triton Research, a technical product manager and engineer at, and spent five years as a financial technologist at Highbridge Capital Management and as a quantitative researcher at Kohera. Jake has nine years of experience in pure and financial technology, a background in computer science and mathematics, and an avid interest in blockchain and financial technology.