Justin Blincoe

Chief Financial Officer, ShapeShift AG

Justin Blincoe combines experience from high-level involvement in global businesses with a passion for the innovation and freedom that Bitcoin promises to bring to the world.  

After graduating from university, Justin held various leadership roles in business and finance strategy, until falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. In 2013, he began to work full-time within the blockchain space.

Prior to his role at ShapeShift, Justin managed and consulted for Bitcoin companies based in Latin America. Previously, he worked as Chief Operations Officer at Coinapult, a Bitcoin service provider offering web-wallet services, Bitcoin sending tools, and merchant services for API-payment processing.


  • Latin American Bitcoin Conference (Multiple Times)
  • San Diego Bitcoin Meetup (Multiple Times)
  • Bogota Bitcoin Meetup
  • Rio De Janeiro Bitcoin Meetup
  • CU Blockchain Summit


Let's Talk Bitcoin Episode 136